Polymer synthesis

Balance Mettler Toledo
Vacuum oven
Fume Hood

Thermomechanical characterization of soft materials

Differential Scanning Calorimeter Discovery TA Instruments with refrigerated cooling system RCS90
Dynamic Mechanical Analysis RSA G2 TA Instruments with forced convection and liquid nitrogen temperature chamber and immersion device
Rheometer Discovery Hybrid HR2 TA Instruments with Peltier plate and UV curing measurement capabilities
Tensile machine Instron 5565with temperature chamber (forced convection oven and liquid nitrogen) and video extensometer
Radial Stretch System built by OkState Mechanical Engineering students as a capstone project. They won first place with this beautiful design largely inspired from here.
Thank you Mark Finnicum, Beau Goddard, and Sergio Piedra!

3D printing

On loan from Dr. Smay’s lab. The Ultimaker 2.0 printer has been adapted to print solutions kept at a given temperature throughout the tubing and UV cured during printing.

Microscopy and videos

Video camera FLIR BFS-U3 Blackfly S for Digital Image Correlation
Microscope Olympus BX53M with polarized light, video recording, and heating cooling Peltier plate

Computational power

OkState HPCC
Pete’s computational infrastructure comprises 5,664 processor cores, 17,280 GB RAM, and more than 2 Petabytes of storage.
Shared PC computer for simulation. 16 cores, 1TB SSD, 64 GB RAM
iMac Pro 3GHz processor Intel Xeon W, 64GB RAM, 10 cores