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Leila Rezaei

Ph.D. student

Project: Modeling the soft elasticity of Liquid Crystal Elastomers, behavior of LCEs in compression for biomedical applications

Research interests: Smart materials, Elastomers, Bioengineering and Biomedical devices, Biomechanics

M.Sc.Mechanical Engineering2018
B.Sc.Mechanical Engineering2013

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Abby Haddox

Master student

Project: Compressive behavior of LCEs, finite element simulation of LCEs and skin

Previous projects: Postural stability of pregnant women, Differential Scanning Calorimetry of smart elastomers

Research Interests: smart materials, elastomers, biomechanics

M.Sc.Mechanical Engineering2023
B.Sc.Mechanical Engineering2021

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Nissrine Aziz

Master student

Project: 4D printing of Liquid Crystal Elastomers

Research interests: 3D printing, smart materials,  materials characterization, and elastomers

M.Sc.Mechanical Engineeringplanned 2023
B.Sc.Mechanical Engineering2021

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Caroline King

Undergrad researcher Mechanical Engineering

Project: Obesity and Musculoskeletal modeling of pregnancy

Research interests: biomechanics

B.Sc.Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering2026

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Laplace and Fourier

Emotional support

Project: Sleep study

Research interests: more sleep and food.

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Former Team Members

Graduate researchers

Jeremy Perez, M.Sc. MechE 2021

LCE behavior under pressure, ischemia in the dermis

Zozef Siddiqui, M.Sc. MechE 2021

Structure-property relationships in 4D printed liquid crystal elastomers

Likhitha Ippagunta, M.Sc. MechE 2021

Effect of pregnancy-induced mass gain and footwear on postural stability

Clément Brousse, M.Sc. MechE 2020

The viscoelastic Poisson’s ratio of webs

PhD student Colorado State U.

Manogna Jambhapuram, Ph.D. MechE 2020

Viscoelasticity phenomena in roll-to-roll manufacturing – Two case studies of industrial relevance

Process Engineer, Kimberly-Clark

Tyler Estrada, M.Eng. MechE 2018

Local polydomain-monodomain transition in liquid crystal elastomers

Mechanical Engineer at United States Air Force in the Non-Destruction Program Office

Undergraduate researchers

Somebody, MechE

Awesome project

Somebody, MechE

Awesome project

Somebody, MechE

Awesome project

Iris Borunda, B.Sc. Mech, 2025

Influence of obesity on musculoskeletal models

Sam Leach, B.Sc.2023

Synthesis of model LCE systems

Jaden Kasitz, B.Sc. MechE and Mathematics 2021

postural stability of pregnant women

Kara Marchetta, B.Sc. MechE 2021

3D scanning and musculoskeletal modeling of the human body

Lindsey Marsh, B.Sc. MechE 2020

Engineer at ONE Gas

J.W. Wallace, B.Sc. MechE 2020

M.Sc. student OkState

Zach Yap, B.Sc. MechE 2021

4D printing LCEs

M.Sc. student Okstate

Hannah Kunze, MechE

Tristan Zoll, MechE

Radial actuation of LCEs

Chapman Howard, B.Sc. MechE and Math 2020

PhD student U. of Arizona

Oscar Mallet, Ecole Centrale Nantes, B.Sc. MechE 2020

Isaac Hernandez Moreno, B.Sc. MechE 2019

Viscoelasticity of LCEs

Garett Johnson, B.Sc. MechE 2022

Mechanical Engineer L3 Technologies

Tori Ruszkowski, B.Sc. ChemE Okstate 2018, M.Sc. ChemE Columbia 2019.

Self-folding of smart elastomers

Systems Engineer, Blue Origin Contract

Kevin Moseni, B.Sc. ChemE 2018

LCE fibers and printing

PhD student UC riverside