Dr. Azoug receives the NSF CAREER award

Dr. Azoug received an NSF CAREER award. The project, entitled: “Dissipation mechanisms and damping in smart elastomers with intermolecular organization”, will start on August 1st and will allow the lab to explore in details the deformation mechanisms of Liquid Crystal Elastomers at microscopic and macroscopic scales. The project also entails a large education component focused on bringing more girls and women to Mechanical Engineering. We … Continue reading Dr. Azoug receives the NSF CAREER award

Abby Haddox to receive a Walt Kolb Studies Scholarships

Link to article okstate news Two CEAT students selected to receive Walt Kolb Studies Scholarships | Oklahoma State University Friday, May 14, 2021 Media Contact: Jeff Hopper | Marketing Media Specialist | 405-744-2745 | jeff.hopper@okstate.edu College of Engineering, Architecture and Technology students Abby Haddox and Lynsey Baxter were selected to receive a Walt Kolb Studies Scholarship for the 2021-2022 school year. The Walt Kolb fellowship provides … Continue reading Abby Haddox to receive a Walt Kolb Studies Scholarships


Graduation day was a big celebration for the lab! I saw all my good students walk, Likhitha Ippagunta and Zozef Siddiqui, and hooded my first PhD student, Dr. Manogna Jambhapuram, with Dr. Good. As my mentor Dr. Good retired, he now hooded his last student and I, my first, thus continuing the academic family line in a very symbolic way. It was a great moment. Continue reading Commencement!

Kara Marchetta Wentz symposium

The Wentz symposium is currently online and Kara Marchetta, undergrad in the lab, is presenting her study on the influence of obesity on musculoskeletal models for biomechanics simulations. She has been 3D scanning people using our mobile 3D scanner. She is also doing a great job explaining why generic scaled models may introduce errors in simulations. Go check it out! The symposium will run April 19- 30. … Continue reading Kara Marchetta Wentz symposium